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Does Your Financial Advisor Need to Be Local? The Answer May Surprise You Thumbnail

Does Your Financial Advisor Need to Be Local? The Answer May Surprise You

Investing Insights

Your money is personal, but does that mean you must work with a financial advisor face-to-face? In some cases, the answer may be a resounding yes. But for others, working with an advisor simply because they’re within driving distance is no longer necessary. In this video we offer 3 questions to ask yourself when deciding whether in-person or virtual is the way to go.

In our practice we have clients that are not comfortable enough with technology to meet digitally at all (some don't even have an email address) and others who I have never met in person - only over Zoom.  Even prior to COVID-19 we were running a fully digitally enabled practice, meaning that we can do the entire financial planning process online.  

For many clients this actually improves the relationship.  It means that we're more available as we're not spending as much time in the car, and it means that our clients aren't being dragged into the office to conduct meetings when they might prefer to connect from their couch.  

Whether you prefer a personal touch or a convenient online option, we're happy to offer the service level you need.  We begin each client interaction with a 15 minute phone call to introduce ourselves and assess whether our financial planning process matches your concerns.  Please book a time that suits you here:

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